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Applications: The BT profile is used in high pressure applications where high wear resistance is Steel (Ck45 etc.) Steel (nickel alloyed) Steel (stainless) other. Coefficient of thermal expansion (1.00E-0,6), f.e. 200. info. free groove volume at inst (%) radius (mm) Max. Excentricity. Axial shaft seals 26 V-ring seals 27 Metal-cased V-type sealing rings and axial clamp seals 29 Mechanical seals 30 Hydraulic seals 31 Material overview 32 Piston seals 33 Selection matrix 40 Rod seals 41 Selection matrix 48 Wiper seals 49 Selection matrix 53 Guides 54 Static seals 55 O-rings 56 Back-up rings 57 Product index 58.

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The seals for linear motion are shaft seals in which the primary sealing lip has a specific design, enabling it to support linear movement. We also offer  Type A V-rings with bevel back serves as a pressure less, axial rod seal with a very short mounting length, which is clamped on a shaft. The flexible sealing lip  A wide variety of materials, dimensions, and designs provide the opportunity to solve difficult sealing problems. Radial Seals. (Piston- and Rod Seals). Type 400.

Their purpose is to prevent external leakage and thus avoid contamination of the ambient environment.

AXIAL 300mt - 0.20 mm - NYAX20 - Solohobby

RE. 2 This is not our total database of sizes. Please call your local James Walker contact if the size you want is not listed.

Axial rod seal

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A face seal (Illustration 4.1) is a type of static axial seal. Axial seals are suitable for use as primary seals or as secondary seals in applications where the primary seals are subjected to excessive solid or fluid contaminants.

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Axial rod seal

Grease Seals. •. Axial Face Seals Selecting the elastomer material for a radial shaft seal is important  Axial Gamma Seals two part construction consists of an elastomer sealing Axial V-Ring Shaft Seals 16 x 32 x 4mm V Ring Stretched into Metal case NBR  CR AXIAL SHAFT SEALS. 36.

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For a face seal:O-Ring Max Groove Depth … Static axial seals are typically used in face seal applications. The table on our detailed information page lists recommended dimensions for static axial (external pressure) seal glands by AS-568A o-ring dash numbers. O-rings serving as face seals in the static axial gland should consider the surface finish of the gland, temperatures and pressure.

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# 1; Rod diameters and all other dimensions conform to BS ISO 5597 Tables 2, 4 and 7 for rod seals. # 2; Cylinder diameters and all other dimensions conform to BS ISO 5597 Tables 2, 3 and 7 for piston seals. Rod Ø ≤ 250mm: Acetal gland ring is standard. Freudenberg seal design Rod Seal (Hydraulic) NI150 overview. All product information at a glance. Rod and buffer seals maintain sealing between a cylinder head and moving piston rod. Wiper seals maintain sealing contact to the piston rod, whether the equipment is stationary or in use.